Nervous system course notes

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Quiz: The Brain

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nervous system

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The Nervous System II

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Pharmacology of Autonomic Nervous System

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Course Notes: Mobilisation of the Nervous System I Have an Addiction It seems the more and more that I read the more and more and read the more and more addicted I become to appreciating the nervous system and all its glory.

Nervous System Paul Andersen begins this podcast with a discussion of brain lateralization and gives a brief demonstration of tests that were performed on split-brain individuals. He then discusses the major parts of a neuron and explains how action potentials are generated using voltage-gated ion channels.

Human Physiology/The Nervous System 3 length of their necks. Much of what is known about axonal function comes from studying the squids giant axon, an. This free online diploma course introduces you to the basic anatomy and physiology of important systems in the body.

The parasympathetic nervous system (usually abbreviated PSNS, not PNS, to avoid confusion with the peripheral nervous system [PNS]) is one of the two divisions of the autonomic nervous system, the other being the sympathetic nervous system.[1] The autonomic nervous system is responsible for regulating the body's unconscious actions.

Nervous system course notes
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