Keeping promises

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PolitiFact, a fact-checking website, has tracked Trump’s promises since his campaign began. Out of promises on its Trump-o-Meter scorecard, 33 are currently stalled and seven broken, while. Israeli handheld ultrasound could revolutionize keeping tabs on breast cancer Device is brainchild of a former biomedical scientist at NASA, Yehudit Abrams, an ultra-Orthodox Jew now living in.

The C# promises library and documentation is available on github. Promises to the Rescue in Game Dev. There are many situations in game development that require waiting for some async operation to complete or for some condition to be fulfilled.

Here are some of the most memorable campaign promises Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has made since he declared his candidacy in June For the second quarter in a row, President Donald Trump declined to take a salary and opted instead to gift the quarterly installment to a government entity, this time to the Department of Education.

Keeping promises is important in the continuation of happy and healthy relationships. Knowing you can trust someone is one of the key stepping stones to any relationship.

Promises Quotes

We spend so much time making promises we can't keep.

Keeping promises
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TRUMP BREAKS CNN: Network Admits President Is ‘Keeper Of Promises’ | Daily Wire