Gcse pe coursework 6 week training programme

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Year 11 PE Revision

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PE Department

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INTRODUCTION I AM DOING A SIX WEEK TRAINING PROGRAMME TO IMPROVE MY FITNESS FOR FOOTBALL. PE BTEC coursework help!!!!! watch. Announcements. I would like help on the last part of this unit where you have to 'justify the training programme design explaining links to personal information.' If any of you have done Btec PE please can you provide me with some help for the section.

I really want an distinction* overall. I am planning a __6_ week training programme to improve some aspects of my fitness.

Pep Personal Exercise Programme Coursework

I have chosen to improve _muscular endurance, stamina, balance and agility____(or speed, strength, stamina, suppleness, or skill) in my chosen sport of football.

Outline a six week training programme that could be used to improve overall performance. Include how you would evaluate the success of your training programme and how you would ensure your participant progresses over the six weeks.

How to develop a Training Program. The process of creating a training program to help develop an individual's level of fitness comprises of 6 stages: Stage 1 - gather details about the individual Test, recovery and adjustment of the training program (1 week) Build you up to a higher level of fitness (3 weeks) Test, recovery and adjustment.

GCSE PE Coursework 6 Week Training Programme.

Personal Exercise Plan

Extracts from this document Introduction / Introduction For my PE coursework, I will be analysing the performance of my classmate, Martin Raynes and he will be doing the same for me.

We will be analysing each others performance and recording weaknesses. Then, based on this information, we will.

Physical Education Gcse pe coursework 6 week training programme
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