Congenital birth defects

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Specific Birth Defects

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Congenital anomalies

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Birth defect

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The biochemical sports of human metabolic diseases are highly complex and rely heavily on modern incongruous and chemical advances for detection. A birth defect is a problem that occurs when a baby is developing in utero (in the womb).

Approximately 1 out of every 33 babies in the United States is born with a birth defect.

Specific Birth Defects

Birth defects can. It’s possible for you to have a heart-related birth If you have congenital heart disease, you’ll need to see a heart specialist on a regular basis. People with congenital heart defects. May 02,  · Congenital heart defects are the most common type of birth defect, occurring in about one percent of live births in the United States.

If your child has a congenital heart defect, you may think you did something wrong during your pregnancy to cause the problem. Congenital heart defects are structural problems arising from abnormal formation of the heart or major blood vessels.

At least 18 distinct types of congenital heart defects are recognized, with many additional anatomic variations. Recent progress in diagnosis and treatment (surgery and heart. A birth defect is a problem that happens while a baby is developing in the mother's body. Most birth defects happen during the first 3 months of pregnancy.

Birth Defects

One out of every 33 babies in the United States is born with a birth defect. A birth defect is a problem that occurs when a baby is developing in utero (in the womb). Approximately 1 out of every 33 babies in the United States is born with a birth defect.

Birth defects can.

Congenital birth defects
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